Audit and statutory auditors

In a constantly changing environment, you have to deal with a number of highly complex issues: risk management and control. Understanding accounting and financial information is crucial, and will enable you to base your strategic decisions on it, strengthen the confidence of your investors, and help your company to grow with confidence.

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In this context, we propose two areas of intervention to address risk management:

  • Legal audit

Drawing on the expertise of S.G.C.C., our independent auditors certify the fairness of your company’s financial information, check internal procedures and verify compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to your business.
In this respect, we offer to certify the parent company and consolidated financial statements, as well as any directly related due diligence procedures (attestations, etc.).

  • Contractual audit

We can support you in your company acquisition or development projects, or carry out an in-depth review of one of your company’s functions. So, we’re talking about acquisition audits, internal audits, and so on.


What is the audit plan?

The audit plan is a document describing the objectives, procedures and resources required to carry out an audit.

What’s the difference between auditing and management control?

The difference between auditing and management control lies in the fact that auditing examines the conformity and veracity of financial information, while management control aims to optimize operational performance.

How does internal audit work?

The principle of internal auditing is to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of processes, internal control and risk management within the organization.

What’s the difference between internal and external auditing?

The difference between internal and external auditing lies in their origin: internal auditing is carried out by professionals within the organization, while external auditing is carried out by independent auditors.

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