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Because of their size and activity, the organizational structure of Intermediate Size Companies (ISCs) is often far more complex than that of SMEs, requiring a more sophisticated approach to accounting management. Compliance with regulatory standards, integration of information systems, financing and governance, internal control and risk management, compliance with international accounting standards, etc. are all issues that require an experienced and seasoned accounting partner, with the resources and skills to meet the needs of your structure, and guarantee the success and sustainability of your organization.

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Because of the size and scope of your organization, you face specific accounting and regulatory challenges. As the head of a small business, you have to manage your customers and teams, but you also have to step back and take a 360° view of your company. Making strategic decisions, handling administrative tasks and keeping up with market changes can be complex. You’re looking to surround yourself with expert partners, so that you can respond even more effectively to the challenges your teams face on a daily basis.


As chartered accountants, our firm plays a key role in supporting you in the accounting and financial management of your business, to reinforce its stability and promote its development and growth. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary offering and more than 90 specialized employees, we can help you meet the operational, financial and strategic challenges facing your company.

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