Business valuation & Due diligence

The question of the overall valuation of a company arises in many situations: succession, acquisition, transfer of business, etc. Answering the question "What's my business worth?" objectively and realistically is not easy, but it's essential if you are to avoid making a financial mistake.

Expertise métier : évaluation d'entreprise

Entrust us with your project, let’s talk about the future together and let our experts support you in close proximity. You will be offered a diagnosis designed to guide you in your strategic and management decision-making processes, in order to maintain/increase the value of your company.

We can help you assess your company’s financial, operational, legal and strategic situation to determine its value, risks and opportunities, in a variety of situations such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, real estate transactions and litigation.


How is technical due diligence carried out?

Technical due diligence is carried out by examining in detail the technical aspects of a project or company, including equipment, systems, processes and performance, in order to assess its risks and opportunities.

How do you turn around a company in difficulty?

An in-depth diagnosis of the company’s financial, operational and human resources management situation will enable us to draw up a recovery plan, with a view to financial restructuring if necessary.

What is the purpose of a company valuation?

Business valuations are used to determine the financial value of a company, whether for M&A transactions, capital raising, succession, litigation, or other financial and strategic needs.

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