French wines are renowned the world over. The sector generates nearly 8 billion euros for France every year, making it the country's leading agricultural sector and second largest export surplus. It is therefore essential to promote and support this key sector of our economy.

Vin Spiritueux


Between new standards and the volatility of agricultural raw materials, keeping your operating budget under control is a daily challenge… With the evolution of environmental standards and climatic hazards, you have to respond every day to the evolutions of a complex and demanding world. Maintaining your business, such as acquiring or buying out an agricultural estate, often requires administrative skills that are not easy to grasp – but inevitable if your company is to survive.


Our specialized Wine & Spirits staff undergo continuous training to anticipate these risks. From setting up your company, through production and sales, to business and human resources management, we’re with you every step of the way, with tools and expertise designed to work alongside you.

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