Consulting & Strategy, Restructuring

To provide you with the best possible advice, we design and implement tools to monitor your business and results (forecasts, budgets, management charts, cost accounting, etc.). This gives you a clear picture of your situation, so you can manage your business more effectively and define your corporate strategy with the help of our chartered accountants.

Expertise métier : conseil et stratégie

Consulting & Strategy

In short, our aim here is to help you define and implement successful strategies for entering new sectors and geographical areas. This involves a creation/development phase (drawing up forecasts, seeking financing, etc.), day-to-day management (cost analysis, reporting, cash management, etc.) based on the use of decision-making tools (simulations, studies, etc.), and support and guidance for the manager throughout the life of the company.

Company in difficulty / restructuring

Any company can face financial difficulties due to a variety of factors.
It’s at times like these that it needs the support and guidance of strategic partners. In this respect, the role of the chartered accountant will be decisive, both in the anticipation phase and in the support phase.
Let us anticipate obstacles together, and assist you in delicate procedures (safeguard, ad hoc mandate, negotiations, etc.), so that we can calmly support you in your choices and decisions.


What is the purpose of corporate strategy consulting?

Corporate strategy consulting helps you develop plans and directions to achieve your long-term goals, maximize your competitiveness, and identify new growth opportunities.

What factors should you take into account when developing your strategy?

Market adaptation, talent management, legal compliance, communication, technology, sustainability, change management and ongoing profitability assessment are all essential components in the development of your strategy.

What are the main issues in corporate restructuring?

Key issues to consider include financial challenges, organizational changes, competition and the market, talent management, legal risks, communication, assessing synergies, innovation, sustainability, and evaluating your profitability.

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