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Although accounting is our historic core business, Ruff & Associés can offer you a range of multidisciplinary services tailored to your needs. With over 40 years' experience, we are constantly striving to optimize our services. Continued growth is essential if we are to serve your best interests.

We’re here to support you in your day-to-day projects, from the most complex to the most challenging – in France and abroad. Depending on your needs, a dedicated team offers you high-quality, tailor-made solutions. Whether you’re an association, a private individual, a business owner… Benefit from a contact person with recognized expertise in your sector of activity.

So, beyond the technicalities inherent in a simple accounting firm, we provide you with advice tailored to your changing needs through regular exchanges and meetings. We also send out newsletters, conferences and training courses to help you manage your organization.

Accounting and Management

Accounting is our historic (and core!) business. When you work with our firm, you benefit from a chartered accountant who is close to you, helping you to better understand and comply with your accounting and tax obligations, so that you can better manage your business. This tailor-made support offers a range of services:

– Complete or partial bookkeeping;
– Review and supervision of your accounting ;
– Preparation of annual financial statements / interim financial statements and reporting / files for management centers and CGA / AGA approved associations;
– Setting up administrative and accounting procedures;
– Group management, tax consolidation, consolidation and valuation;
– Setting up management and cost accounting systems;
– Assistance with tax audits.

L'expertise métier : comptabilité et gestion
Expertise métier : Audit et commissariat aux comptes

Audit and statutory auditors

In a constantly changing environment, you have to deal with a number of highly complex issues: risk management and control. Understanding accounting and financial information is crucial, and will enable you to base your strategic decisions on it, strengthen the confidence of your investors, and help your company to grow with confidence. In this context, we propose two areas of intervention to address risk management:

Legal audit

Drawing on the expertise of S.G.C.C., our independent auditors certify the fairness of your company’s financial information, check internal procedures and verify compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to your business.
In this respect, we offer to certify the parent company and consolidated financial statements, as well as any directly related due diligence procedures (attestations, etc.).

Contractual audit

We can support you in your company acquisition or development projects, or carry out an in-depth review of one of your company’s functions. So, we’re talking about acquisition audits, internal audits, and so on.

Social / HR / Payroll

Today, social management plays an important role in the organization and development of your company. As an employer and manager, your obligations are many and arduous, and you also have to deal with the constant changes and complexity of regulations.

Employee management :

  • Simulation of salary/company costs, drafting of employment contract, DUE and employee parameters;
  • Preparation of pay slips, social security and tax declarations, etc. ;
  • Settlement of all accounts, redundancy, transaction, contractual termination ;
  • Social audit ;
  • Digital HR portal / digital safe.

Social protection :

  • Setting up special plans (supplementary pensions, provident schemes, etc.), ensuring compliance of contracts, provident schemes and supplementary pensions;
  • Retirement assessment, retirement settlement file;
  • Compliance with mandatory company signage, labor law training, etc.
L'expertise métier : social, RH et paie

Company in difficulty

Any company can face financial difficulties due to a variety of factors, such as the COVID-19 health crisis we are currently facing. It’s at times like these that it needs to be accompanied and supported by strategic protagonists. In this respect, the role of the chartered accountant will be decisive, both in the anticipation phase and in the support phase.

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting companies in difficulty. One of our core values is to be close to our customers, and we meet with them regularly to establish a constant relationship based on unfailing trust. Let us anticipate obstacles together, and assist you in delicate procedures (safeguard, ad hoc mandate, negotiations, etc.), so that we can calmly support you in your choices and decisions.

Consulting & Strategy

In addition to our core missions, we design and implement tools to monitor your business and results (forecasts, budgets, management charts, cost accounting, etc.). Indeed, it’s essential that you have a clear vision of your situation, so that we can help you define your business strategy.

In short, our aim here is to help you define and implement successful strategies for entering new sectors and geographical areas. This involves a creation/development phase (drawing up forecasts, seeking financing, etc.), day-to-day management (cost analysis, reporting, cash management, etc.) based on the use of decision-making tools (simulations, studies, etc.), and support and guidance for the manager throughout the life of the company.

Expertise métier : conseil, stratégie et restructuration

Business and personal taxation

Regardless of your status, you are subject to tax formalities. In a complex field, they can easily give rise to risks caused by ignorance of regulations and/or failure to meet deadlines.

Because we keep abreast of regulatory changes on a daily basis, and are well-versed in the difficult exercise of tax optimization, we can support you in your endeavors:

Business taxation :
– Preparation of your business tax returns (VAT, corporation tax, etc.);
– Ongoing assistance and advice on your company’s tax situation;
– Analysis of your tax situation ;
– Assistance with tax audits ;
– Technical consultation on your project.

Personal taxation :
– Preparation of your personal tax returns (Impôt sur le Revenu, Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune, etc.);
– Individual accounting and customized financing plan ;
– Tax review of personal situation (study, follow-up and support).


The question of the overall valuation of a company arises in many situations: succession, acquisition, transfer of business, etc. It’s not easy to answer the question “What’s my business worth?” objectively and realistically, but it’s essential if you are to avoid making a financial mistake.

Entrust us with your project, let’s talk about the future together and let our experts support you in close proximity. You will be offered a diagnosis designed to guide you in your strategic and management decision-making processes, in order to maintain/increase the value of your company.

Expertise métier : évaluation d'entreprise et DUE diligence
Nos Services l Investissement en France

Investment in France

For many years, we have been developing specific skills in real estate – particularly for foreign investors. These investments are highly diversified, both in terms of private assets, such as the acquisition of real estate (villas, châteaux, chalets, etc.), vineyards and wineries, and in terms of professional activities, such as real estate development, purchase/resale operations and land subdivisions.

Management of social, tax, accounting and legal specificities in France
We offer a full range of services to all categories of real estate investors. As an individual, you can also consult us on the choice of the appropriate legal structure for the acquisition of a property in France.

Setting up or taking over a company in France
We offer specific support for non-residents, taking into account all the tax and social consequences of owning a property in France.

Opening of a subsidiary in France
Thanks to our cosmopolitan team and our professional skills, we are able to meet the needs of foreign companies for :
– Setting up operations in France (branch, liaison office, subsidiary, etc.) ;
– Assist the company in complying with French and group obligations;
– Development support in France.

Foreign investment

The question of the overall valuation of a company arises in many situations: succession, acquisition, transfer of business, etc. It’s not easy to answer the question “What’s my business worth?” objectively and realistically, but it’s essential if you are to avoid making a financial mistake.

A network of experts at your service Ruff & Associés has a network of specialists and employees with international profiles to support you when you set up business outside France. We provide you with the methods and tools you need to successfully complete your project, while complying with the specific regulatory requirements of the destination country/countries.

Managing specific social, tax, accounting and legal issues abroad Prior to any possible implementation, we will analyze the overall consequences of such a project, so as to be able to offer you a tailor-made package. Let us manage the risks and the financial, legal and social impact of your project – both within your existing organization and abroad.
Expertise métier : création et reprise d'entreprise

Business start-ups and takeovers

Defining your business plan, drawing up your forecasts, looking for financing, choosing and drafting your articles of association, taking care of the administrative formalities, organizing your company’s operations: these are the challenges and consequences that will determine the future of your project.

Thanks to the Pack Création d’Entreprise and our multi-disciplinary skills, we can support you at every stage of your project and help you manage your first few months in business.

From defining your business plan to organizing your company’s operations, let’s build the future of your innovative project together.


Digital transformation is having a profound and lasting impact on the way companies operate. Every day, new technological solutions and new uses emerge.

Today, many companies are convinced of the need for change. Yet few take this famous turn for fear of the sector’s lack of stability.

Because we work with our customers on a daily basis, and are familiar with their diverse issues, we suggest that you see this instability as an opportunity to rethink your working agility. Let us help you manage change, conduct an audit of your organization and define, together, a coherent digital strategy equipped with modern tools adapted to your needs.

Expertise métier : digital
Expertise métier : assistance juridique

Legal Assistance

Throughout its existence, your company is confronted with numerous legal situations and choices in its day-to-day operations. Our chartered accountants work closely with our team of legal experts and specialized lawyers when the situation requires it, ensuring that information is passed on perfectly.

Tailor-made support and constant monitoring to ensure compliance with the law :

  • Choice of legal form and status ;
  • Company formation: drafting articles of association, formalities, ACCRE file, CFE registration, K-bis extract, etc. ;
  • Preparing and reporting on board meetings and general meetings, drafting minutes ;
  • Capital increases, conversions, dissolutions and liquidations ;
  • Changes to the articles of association, such as the transfer of the registered office, etc. ;
  • Day-to-day legal support: approval of annual accounts, various authorizations ;
  • Assistance with tax audits.

Do you have a particular need?

In addition to our traditional expertise, Ruff & Associés has developed a wide range of skills. The evolution of the chartered accountancy profession and growing competition in the marketplace only reinforce our need to excel and learn more every day. What if we pursued this quest together? Let’s talk about your wildest desires and bring them to life. Whether in France or abroad, the support of our network of partners is an undeniable asset for the success of your projects.