Business start-ups & takeovers

Defining your business plan, drawing up your forecasts, looking for financing, choosing and drafting your articles of association, taking care of the administrative formalities, organizing your company's operations: these are the challenges and consequences that will determine the future of your project.

Expertise métier : création et reprise d'entreprise

The support of a chartered accountant is essential to the success of your business start-up. From the choice of articles of association to the drafting of the business plan, including the financial package and administrative formalities, we’ll accompany you step by step, freeing you from administrative constraints and letting you concentrate on making your project a reality.

  • Choosing the most appropriate legal structure for your company
  • Business plan and financial package
  • Administrative formalities, registration
  • Accounting and tax management and compliance
  • Social management procedures: contracts, payroll, regulatory obligations
  • Strategy and profitability consulting
  • Audit and compliance
  • Growth, development, communication plan
  • Preventive measures and risk management


What are the main stages in setting up a business?

To start a business, you first need to develop a solid idea and a detailed business plan. Next, choose the appropriate legal structure, register the business, secure financing, launch it, recruit staff and develop a marketing strategy. Ongoing management and regulatory compliance are also essential to the long-term success of your business.

How can a chartered accountant help you draw up your business plan?

The support of a chartered accountant will enable you to draw up realistic financial forecasts for revenues, costs, cash flow, financing requirements and risk management for your business.

What are the main challenges in setting up a business?

Securing sufficient financing to launch and develop the business is often one of the biggest challenges. Entrepreneurs must seek out sources of financing, such as investors, bank loans or self-financing, and manage their financial resources effectively to cover initial costs and maintain growth.

Uncertainty and risk are an integral part of business creation. Entrepreneurs face challenges such as competition, market fluctuations, cost management and human resources management. It is essential to develop strategies to mitigate these risks and adapt to change.

Developing a solid business plan, defining clear objectives, and effectively executing the company’s vision are major challenges. Time management, decision-making, priority management, and the ability to adapt to change are all essential aspects of successful planning and execution.

Professional guidance through these stages will increase the potential success of your business start-up.

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