Business and personal taxation

Regardless of your status, you are subject to tax formalities. In a complex field, they can entail risk due to ignorance of regulations and/or failure to meet deadlines.

Because we keep a daily eye on regulatory developments and are well versed in the difficult exercise of tax optimization, we can support you in your endeavors.

Expertise métier : fiscalité professionnelle

Business taxation :

– Preparation of your business tax returns (VAT, corporation tax, etc.);
– Ongoing assistance and advice on your company’s tax situation;
– Analysis of your tax situation ;
– Assistance with tax audits ;
– Technical consultation on your project.

Personal taxation :

– Preparation of your personal tax returns (Impôt sur le Revenu, Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune, etc.);
– Individual accounting and customized financing plan ;
– Tax review of personal situation (study, follow-up and support).

Our sector specializations