Craftsman / Shopkeeper

Creativity, love of a job well done, passing on know-how or personal heritage, perpetuating traditions - these are just some of the reasons why the trade and craft sector is at the heart of economic activity. It's also a highly competitive sector which, in addition to technical skills, requires specific, often complex and diversified business management.

Profils : artisan et commerçant


Trade and crafts are characterized by a wide variety of activities. Each sector has its own particularities and specific regulations, requiring solutions adapted to each business. In addition to your technical skills, as a craftsman you must also be a business leader – often faced with a host of problems: keeping accounts, paying taxes, working on your attractiveness, building customer loyalty, and so on.


As specialists in your business sector, we’ve come to understand both your aspirations and your constraints. So, by relieving you of your accounting, tax, social security and management obligations, we enable you to focus fully on your core business. We are committed to the success of your business, by working alongside you to facilitate your development projects.

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