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For over 45 years, we have been developing our skills to serve our customers' best interests. Today, we're proud to offer you services that are as comprehensive as they are complementary, and above all, modern thanks to the 100% collaborative and digital "Mon Expert en Gestion" tool we've developed, enabling you to manage your business online.

The diversity of our employee profiles is a major asset. Whatever your profession, we opt for an agile and educational approach. Specialized in a wide range of business sectors, our teams have become true experts in their field, constantly monitoring developments and their impact on your business.

A combination of know-how and interpersonal skills makes a significant difference in terms of support. Backed by a solid, high-quality network of partners, we devise and deploy innovative solutions to ensure optimal management of your organization, taking into account each of its specific features.

More than 1,500 companies and 350 individuals place their trust in us. Why shouldn’t you?

VSE /SME / Group

For some years now, the activities of very small businesses and SME groups, however diversified, have become increasingly complex, due to the growing and evolving demands of their main customers (consumers or professionals). At both local and national level, your company / group contributes to stimulating the economy and maintaining local employment.


Running a company is a wonderful adventure, but it can also be fraught with stress and difficulties. Devoting time to certain administrative tasks can seem difficult, despite their importance, for example…


Thanks to over 40 years’ experience of working with business leaders, we have been able to implement innovative, tailored support solutions for each of our customers. Proximity, listening, responsiveness… these are the values we share with you to establish a climate of trust during this adventure. So it’s our duty to accelerate your growth by relieving you of complex tasks (legal advice, financial management, etc.) so that you can refocus on your core business.

Profils : TPE / PME

Craftsmen & Traders

Creativity, love of a job well done, passing on know-how or personal heritage, perpetuating traditions – these are just some of the reasons why the trade and craft sector is at the heart of economic activity. It’s also a highly competitive sector. In addition to technical skills, this sector requires specific, often complex and diversified business management skills.


Trade and crafts are characterized by a wide variety of activities. Each sector has its own particularities and specific regulations, requiring solutions adapted to each business. In addition to your technical skills, as a craftsman you must also be a business leader – often faced with a host of problems: keeping accounts, paying taxes, working on your attractiveness, building customer loyalty, and so on.


As specialists in your industry, we’ve worked alongside over 300 of your peers to get to know both your aspirations and your constraints. So, by relieving you of your accounting, tax, social security and management obligations, we enable you to focus fully on your core business. We are committed to the success of your business, by working alongside you to facilitate your development projects.


Today, there are over 1.5 million associations in France, employing 1.8 million people – mainly in the sports, cultural and leisure sectors. Nearly a third of association presidents are company directors, senior executives or professionals, and a quarter are employees (source: CNRS). In this context of continued growth, sound management can actively contribute to the quality of associative life and its development as a major player in society.


Running an association requires a wide range of skills, time and… energy! Even if your association is not for profit, it is still subject to a number of accounting, legal, tax and social obligations.


Our firm can advise you on the feasibility and viability of your association project. In response to the need for “professionalization”, our teams are at your side to help you optimize the management of your business (cash flow, social, legal, etc.), and are committed to negotiating your contributions with public and private funding bodies.

Secteur de la construction et du BTP


The building and civil engineering sector is an essential part of the French economy. In 2018, it employed around 1.2 million people in France in 392,000 companies (source: INSEE). Strong growth coupled with an unfortunate shortage of skills in the market, leading to hiring difficulties.


Carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, painter, etc.: as a building contractor, your first asset is your own skills. know-how. In addition to dealing with financial crises and government measures, you have to assume your responsibility as an employer and manage the occupational risks inherent in your business.


Our role is to relieve you of the constraints associated with running your business, so that you can stay focused on your core business. We can provide you with customized solutions (dashboards, job valuation, etc.) and modern solutions (quotation and invoice tracking).


In France, there are still some 6,000 Intermediate-sized Enterprises (ETI) in the mainly non-agricultural, non-financial market sectors. This type of company employs over 3 million people and accounts for 30% of national sales.
Given their industrial focus, ETIs play a key role in foreign trade (source: INSEE).


As the head of a small business, you have to manage your customers and teams, but you also have to step back and take a 360° view of your company. Making strategic decisions, dealing with administrative tasks and keeping an eye on market changes can be quite complex. Despite optimal management of your time, you may find yourself lacking in it, not to mention skills that go way beyond your original profession.


Our teams are there to advise you on the choices you need to make to maintain your business, and to support you in the day-to-day running of your business. Our range of expertise covers all your needs: accounting, tax, legal, management, social, etc. From creation to launch of your company, we take care of all your formalities, so you can focus on your core business.

Secteur de l'immobilier privé

Real Estate Personal

The peculiarities of the French tax system when it comes to property investment and asset ownership can quickly become complex. Financial regulations governing investment and operations linked to the acquisition or management of a property can quickly become exasperating.


You want to make a private real estate investment in France while staying in step with the many economic and organizational challenges.


Within our firm, we have a department specially dedicated to real estate investors (personal and professional) to support you before you acquire your property (determining the appropriate tax regime, completing formalities, etc.) and during its ownership (managing your taxes, administrative follow-up, etc.).

Professional Real Estate

The real estate market in France is rightly considered a “safe-haven investment” – like gold or works of art. This sector is characterized by the habitual creation of a structure adapted to a specific program. specific real estate. Another decisive factor in real estate development is the use of large amounts of capital to finance operations. Given these particularities, real estate accounting is organized differently.


The real estate market in France is rightly considered a “safe haven” – like gold or works of art. This business sector is characterized by the usual recourse to the creation of a structure adapted to a specific real estate program. Another decisive factor in real estate development is the use of large amounts of capital to finance operations. Given these particularities, real estate accounting is organized differently.


Within our firm, we have a department specially dedicated to real estate investors (professional and personal) to help you with your accounting, tax, costing and company management needs. If you’re a professional in the construction or property development sector (developers, property agents, etc.), let our team of specialists help you optimize and manage your investment with peace of mind, while keeping up with the complexities of the market and the competition.

Le secteur de l'immobilier professionnel
Le secteur médical et santé


Pharmaceutical companies are seen as a strategic sector, an asset for the national economy. France boasts an ecosystem of biotech start-ups and major pharmaceutical groups, both of which create jobs and, above all, meet patients’ needs and expectations. However, like many strategic sectors, the pharmaceutical industry is facing fierce competition, as well as changes in society (digitalization, etc.).


Juggling patient demands, various government measures and running your own pharmacy is not always a pleasure. As pharmacists, you must also position yourselves as business leaders, redoubling your vigilance in the face of numerous issues and regularly analyzing their ratios for the health of your business.


From purchasing to developing your pharmacy, from design to drug distribution, our teams accompany you step by step. In the face of major changes in the pharmaceutical sector, we can advise you and ensure the growth of your business. With the help and expertise of our teams, learn to better understand/interpret your data, make strategic decisions and optimize your results.

Liberal profession

In 2018, there were no fewer than 859,000 liberal businesses (bailiffs, notaries, doctors, physiotherapists, etc.) in France. An extremely important sector, with over 806,000 employees and sales of 212.8 billion euros. However, the specificities of business management are highly complex…


Working in a technical profession like yours, while taking on the responsibilities and tasks of a true entrepreneur, is not easy… and can even be a real obstacle course. Your professional and family social protection, your investment and retirement options are all points that you need to put in place.


Like you, we are also self-employed and this sector represents 15% of our clientele to date. Faced with the same issues, we are ideally placed to support you in your strategic choices – particularly in the areas of taxation and wealth management, but also in the day-to-day management of your business (accounting, payroll, etc.).


Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants

As a major player in tourism, the hospitality sector is a driving force in the French economy, providing new jobs every year (6th largest private employer – source: regionsjob).

Today, however, they face a number of challenges, such as the growing difficulties of building customer loyalty, and the constant evolution of health and safety standards.


In a highly competitive environment, your ability to invest to remain attractive to customers (and potential candidates) is a key success factor. This may seem an obscure issue to you, but it’s a complex one in today’s ever-changing environment…


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants sector, our firm is able to support you in the day-to-day management of your establishment. Validate your objectives with an analysis of your costs/expenses, compare your business with professional standards via our databases… From the creation to the transfer of your organization, from the management to the development of your business, we are at your side to advise you and ensure the protection of your assets.

Wine & Spirits

The fruit of unique know-how and a two-thousand-year-old culture, French wines are renowned the world over. An economic and cultural product, it generates nearly 8 billion euros for France every year (France’s no. 1 agricultural sector and no. 2 export surplus). Protecting and developing this key sector of our economy is therefore of paramount importance.


Between new standards and the volatility of agricultural raw materials, keeping your operating budget under control is a daily challenge… With the evolution of environmental standards and climatic hazards, you have to respond every day to the evolutions of a complex and demanding world. Maintaining your business, such as acquiring or buying out an agricultural estate, often requires administrative skills that are not easy to grasp – but inevitable if your company is to survive.


Our specialized Wine & Spirits staff undergo continuous training to anticipate these risks. From setting up your company, through production and sales, to business and human resources management, we’re with you every step of the way, with tools and expertise designed to work alongside you.


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