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Our firm provides invaluable expertise to international companies wishing to set up or expand in France. With over 50 years' in-depth knowledge of the French accounting, tax, social security and regulatory systems, we can act as your partner in structuring and managing your entity in France.

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We can help you with all the formalities involved in setting up your subsidiary, branch or company in France: choice of legal form, administrative formalities, drafting of articles of association – as well as managing your accounting and financial reporting according to French accounting standards.

Our experts can help you comply with French tax rules and French regulations on accounting, labor law, company law, social law and more.

Our social team can manage payroll and social security contributions for your employees, ensuring that all aspects of French labor legislation are respected.

From monitoring regulatory developments and managing relations with the French authorities, to financial management consulting, auditing and due diligence, our multi-disciplinary skills are at your service to help you succeed in your move into the French market.

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